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For Clients


With eMailDodo you can create and administer your eMail Groups in the cloud .


one emailaddress for your friends
easy to create
userfriendly central administration and...
'QUESTIONS' functionality
individual maintenance
wrong email addresses
forgotten addresses


First create an emailgroup on the eMailDodo website. Then, enter all emailaddresses. Save. Finished.
To send an email to your group you just have to remember one emailaddress:

(example for friend group called "myfriends".)
(Default the extension will be used. Do you want to use your own domain extension ? You can.)

The system will send the email to all emailaddresses in the emailgroup.
One perons is the administrator of the emailgroup. He or She can add (multiple) and edit addresses and mobile numbers.

So you can receive the emails not only at home but also at work. Because of the centralised administration all emailaddresses and telephone numbers will be correct and up-to-date.


You can also send a "Question" to a group. You send a Question by starting the subject in your email with a "Q".

All members in the group will receive and email with your Question accompanied by three answer buttons: YES, NO, MAYBE.
Who answered what can easily be traced with the See Votes button.

The administrator of the group kan create multiple buttons and change the text on the buttons.
A great function to ask who can drive. Or who can attend a meeting.


You can install the app of eMailDodo on your mobile (iPhone & Android). With the app you can send SMS/Text messages, eMails and Questions to (a part) of your group.

And you always have all your clients contact data at hand.