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Getting Started


  1. Create an Account
    • On the home page click on
    • Enter your eMail address and other details.
    • An eMail will be sent to your eMail address.
    • Confirm you registration.

  2. Create a New Group
    • Sign in using your eMail address and password.
    • Click on
    • Enter the name of your group.
    • Example: if your groupname is "classof85", the group eMail address will be
    • To complete your new group, enter the security number you see on the screen.
    • Click on

  3. Add the Group Members
    • Click on
    • Select who can send eMails to your group: Everyone or Only Group Members (default) or Only Admin / Editor.
    • Select who will receive an eMail if you reply: Group (default) or Sender.


  • To add (or delete) eMail adresses, click
  • Enter new adress(es) and click Save or
  • Delete a members by clicking


  • You can assign a status to each member
  • A can only see the Members.
  • An can only change, add and delete Members. To be able to see and edit the members groups each Editor should have, or create, an own eMailDodo account. Members with a already have an eMailDodo account.
  • The remains the boss. This person can appoint Editors & Members and change, add and delete them.


  • Alternatively, you can add members via a spreadsheet mode and copy and paste.
  • Or import a complete new list of eMail adresses from an existing Excel file.
  • After importing, do not forget to .

  • To export data use the button.